National Brand Equivalent

National Brand Equivalent

All products offered in private label (store brands) are national brand equivalent (NBE). Our products are tested by third party laboratories on a regular basis to confirm NBE status, and we continually monitor any changes that are made to the brand products and update our formulations accordingly.

Sales Sheets

Effervescent Denture Cleanser Tablets
Sales sheet – DC (Efferdent NBE)
Sales sheet – ML, OL (Polident, Polident Overnight NBE)

Effervescent Antacid/Pain Relief Tablets
Sales sheet – Pain (Alka Seltzer NBE)Sales sheet – Pain Extra Strength (Alka Seltzer Extra Strength NBE)

Effervescent Cold Relief Tablets
Sales sheet – Cold (Alka Seltzer Plus NBE)

Effervescent Immune Support Tablets
Sales sheet – Immune Support Orange (Airborne® NBE)
Sales sheet – Immune Support Berry (Airborne® NBE)

Effervescent Electrolyte Tablets
Sales sheet – Effervescent Electrolyte Tablets (Orange and Lemon-Lime)